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Stay connected to your friends with Mercedes-Benz mbrace Drive2Friend, which allows you to request their location to be sent directly to your in-vehicle navigation system. 

Mercedes-Benz mbrace Email Address

Enter phone number of friend to locate

Service works for most phones on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile

Enter your full name for your friend to see

Your friend will receive an SMS asking them to share their location with
your Mercedes-Benz navigation unit.


How does it work?
Mercedes-Benz owners with mbrace activated vehicles can request a friend's location be sent wirelessly to their vehicle by sending an SMS. The friend must agree to share current location by responding Y to the SMS. The friend's phone location is then transmitted to the Mercedes-Benz in-vehicle navigation unit where a route is calculated.

What does my friend see?
Your friend will see two SMS's similar to this: “Your friend John Smith wants to use Mercedes-Benz mbrace Drive2Friend to request your current location. To allow, please respond to next msg.”
“To allow Mercedes-Benz mbrace Drive2Friend to locate you Reply Y, HELP for info, STOP to end.”

What type of phone does my friend need?
Most phones on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will work with the service. Your friend's phone does not need GPS; however, more accurate results will occur when GPS is available. Your friend does not need to load any special software or application.

How is my privacy protected?
Your privacy is protected by requiring the mbrace subscriber to authenticate with the mbrace ID associated with their vehicle. The “Friend” is protected by having to respond “Yes” to opt in each time to share their location using the mbrace application on Veriplace. The location is obtained and protected by Veriplace. Please see the Veriplace Terms of Service at or the mbrace Terms and Conditions below.

For more information, download Drive2Friend FAQs